Ep 43 – Podsgiving Spectacular – Part 3

Hello Sisters and Misters,  welcome in to the Sacred Mischief Podcast Network Podsgiving Spectacular. This is a special episode spanning across all three of the shows on the network. Part 1 can be  The NED Files Podcsast,  Part 2 can be found at The Chicks And Cocktales podcast, and Part 3 will wrap up this insanity right here!!  Make sure you check out all 3 shows to get in on all the fun!

In this episode, we get into boob tissue, nicknames, tasting some Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout Beer, a Pope Time, blow job shots, crazy family members, mullets, communication methods, a gobble laugh, chicken hearts and goat heads, stuff we did as kids, The APP of the Week, school lunches, Barney and other kids shows, boob shrinkage, falling out of a jacuzzi, meeting people in chat rooms, a game of Blurt, new tvs, noisy neighbors, would we recycle cock rings with new partners, anal sex, Coach Elif, and much more!